March 25, 2011

Vulvae Galore

Since posting about a sculpture exhibit celebrating the varieties of vulvae which is meant to empower every woman to embrace her vulva as it is, pre- and postpartum (see more on the artist's page here), my reader list has been inundated by other posts with news about vulva celebrations. March is Vulval Health Awareness Month after all. First came a post from the ever so prolific sex blogger Violet Blue reporting that women in Denmark right now are lining up to have pictures taken of their vulvae to capture the diversity (click on link at end of post to see gallery). Writes Blue: "Kvinfo has set up a so-called ‘kussomat’ (Eng: pussy-o-mat) in Copenhagen – and I think that is one well-lit chair." (KVINFO is the Danish Centre for Information on Gender, Equality and Ethnicity, with their feature here: En Kusso-hvaffor-noget?).

Then feminist porn maker Erika Lust posted about I'll show you mine, a photo study of women's genitalia accompanied by the women's stories. I'll Show You Mine is published by the Canadian publisher Show Off Books and became available for purchase this month on their site: “The photos in the book demonstrate and celebrate the wonderful diversity of the vulva; the stories illuminate the range of experiences that women have relating to the genitals in a world where mass media and pornography increasingly set the standards for sexuality and the look of all body parts, even our genitals.”

Finally I receive a note about EveryBody! Visual Resistance in Feminist Health Movements, 1969-2009, an art exhibit opening at Carleton College here in Northfield next Friday, which traces the "evolving creative responses to issues surrounding the health needs of women, men, and transgendered people." The opening reception, Constructa/Vulva, includes an interactive sculptural performance where audience members will be invited to participate in the creation of an idealized vulva with the assistance of human speculums as a way to pay homage to feminist health movements, "encouraging liberation through knowledge about the body and sexuality."


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