March 21, 2011

Matinée {featured film}

Skin. Like. Sun., an erotic experimental documentary music video, goes on pre-sale on Monday, March 28 at Blue Artichoke Films. In our LSF Amazon Shop, we currently have Blue Artichoke’s erotic short porn film Matinée available for purchase. Featuring two actors, lovers in real life, but accused by critics for not displaying chemistry on stage where they play two lovers, the two decide to take it up a notch in a reunion scene in a matinee performance of the play.

Matinée is a porn film with high cinematic quality, presenting professional photography, strong acting, and realistic settings. The characters are naturally beautiful in their anachronistic ways; he thin, his jaw distinct, fine lines around his eyes and mouth, short coarse dark hair, his gaze present; she softer, pale skin and blond hair in dreadlocks, a furrow between her eyebrows, some thin lines along her neck, full lips and eyes to sink into. Matinée portrays their sex on stage in near real time, capturing the warmth and textures of skin, layers, curves, and forms, and the intensity of their mounting desire and pleasure crosscut with the audience’s keen response, all underscored by the film’s excellent soundtrack.

Matinée won the award for best short film at the Melbourne Underground Film Festival (2009) and at CineKink NYC Film Festival (2009).


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