About Love, Sex, and Family

Love, Sex, and Family was founded by Anne G. Sabo, Ph.D., also known as Quizzical mama. I grew up in Norway where gender equality and substantial human sexuality education have been promoted for decades. After completing my Ph.D. at the University of Washington in Seattle, I began teaching at a Lutheran liberal arts college in a small Minnesotan town just south of the Twin Cities. Here it felt only natural for me to take on the unofficial role of sex educator for students who had all sorts of questions and insecurities when it came to human sexuality and intimacy.

“LOVE, SEX, AND FAMILY IN NORDIC FILM TODAY” was a course I developed and taught for a number of years with this in mind, using the popular medium of film to address cultural differences in attitudes toward sexuality. Students were always impressed by the more natural approach to youth and sexuality and different forms of intimacy in this context. When later developing another course focused on gender and sexuality, I realized the need for accessible, quality material about children's, youth's and adult's sexuality.

Soon after this, I became a mom, and the birth of my daughter changed my life. Determined to make a positive change, I left my position as a tenured professor in order to focus on my family and the greater public. I have since completed a book about progressive new porn by women, The P-Word: On the Other Side from Pornified. How Women Are Re-visioning Porn on Their Own Terms & Why It Matters to You (forthcoming). I have also initiated a book about sleep parenting and families’ sleep arrangements based on interviews with parents (The Sleep Question). And I have founded Love, Sex, and Family.
Anne G. Sabo (Photo: Agnete Brun)

I live with my husband and our toddler daughter in the same college town where I used to teach. You can contact me via email at anne(at)lovesexfamily.com.

You can also find out more about me at my author page. And I invite you to check out my blogs Quizzical mama and New porn by women where I write more about love, sex, and family.