March 9, 2011

"Love Hotel" {featured video}

Room 33 Erika Lust from boolab on Vimeo.

Swedish-born Erika Lust in Barcelona, Spain, presents us with a new direction in adult sex films by women today. Currently only her documentary film Barcelona Sex Project is available for sale in the United States (see our LSF Amazon Shop), but soon I hope to make available all her erotic short films that reveal Lust's definite talent in film techniques. Lust has a sharp eye for picture composition, and a style and rhythm that can appeal to modern urban people today. Her films are shot in the style of modern music videos with hip editing and catchy soundtracks. As she herself puts it, her porn speaks to a generation that grew up with MTV and shows like Sex and the City.

In 2010, Lust—together with five other directors—was invited by the ultra-hip international shoe company Camper to shoot a short film using their boutique hotel in Barcelona, Casa Camper, as its setting. Lust's vignette, "Room 33," features a couple checking into a hotel charged with erotic atmosphere that is tantalizingly captured in quick spinning flashbacks to their previous erotic stays at the hotel. Watch the vignette above or the entire Hotel Casa Camper movie with all six short films here: (Lust's is the third film).


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