May 4, 2011

Real Life: A frank and funny guide to what's going on 'down there' | Independent {featured read}

Some women are still embarrassed about gynaecological issues but a new book hopes to change that

Women are generally more open and honest when talking about health issues, compared to their male counterparts. But according to American gynaecologist Dr Lissa Rankin, there seems to be one last taboo for women -- being able to talk frankly about what's going on 'down there'.

"There is a lot more education now and I credit 'Sex and the City' with helping to usher in a change in conversations -- they were four powerful New York women talking about body parts and sex," she says.

"For some women -- and I particularly see this on tours of colleges with younger women -- there is an openness to engage with the topic. A lot of the college students come into the venue feeling shy and crossing their legs.


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