May 21, 2011

Heart to Heart {featured resource}

Heart to Heart: A Couples' Enrichment Weekend Retreat is a nondenominational program for opposite-sex and same-sex couples, married or not. Founded in 1994 by three local Twin Cities couples, Friday-Sunday retreats are organized twice a year in Minnesota and Wisconsin where they volunteer as leaders.

The Star Tribune recently featured an article on Heart to Heart, which further describes their programming. The retreats include presentations on finances, parenting, intimacy, relationship crises and communication. The volunteer leaders also take turn talking about their own difficulties as tools for couples to find their own way together. There are no group sharing sessions; the retreat includes time for the leaders' presentations and for individual couples to communicate privately, sharing their thoughts in conversation and journaling activities.

Heart to Heart "is rooted in the continuing belief that the heart of the family, the couple, mirrors and shapes the future transformation of the world. It is also rooted in the action taken by a group of people who volunteer their time and who are committed to bringing about change because of their belief that when people connect as people, not labels, they can meet face-to-face to overcome differences in how to define the words "marriage" and "family."


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