Anne G. Sabo (Photo: Agnete Brun)
LOVE, SEX, AND FAMILY is an online resource center devoted to holistic human sexuality information. The resources reflect my own values and interests in gender equality, including a greater sexual democracy, breaking free from traditional gender roles and stereotypes about women’s and men's sexuality. In our LSF Shop you will find DVDs and books that I've gathered and personally recommend. All are intended to inform and inspire.

The sexological films are made by educated, progressive, sex-positive individuals. As are the adult sex films.  Among these you will find Femme Productions films by Candida Royalle, who in the early eighties became the first woman to create an alternative to mainstream pornography in order to create erotic films that women and men could identify with, portraying women and men in a respectful, non-discriminating, and realistic manner. Royalle's films have been used by therapists because of their positive role-modeling and ideas about sex. Today she is joined by a growing number of women and some men from around the world in producing progressive feminist sex films. We also include some of these films which are available in our LSF Shop.

Soon we will make available for purchase new European adult sex films currently unavailable in the United States. European filmmakers have the advantage of a more open attitude to sexuality, as well as better access to public support of the arts, which show in their films that stand out with their high cinematic quality and progressive content.

In addition, we've included indie art house sex films and feature films portraying new forms of intimacies. Catering to adults who value nurturing a positive and healthy sexual life, we've also included books that can help adults educate children and youth about their sexuality.