April 4, 2011

Scarleteen {featured resource}

Scarleteen.com is a widely recognized independent, grassroots sexuality education and support organization founded in 1998 by Heather Corinna (author of the highly praised S.E.X.) after expressed need in response to abstinence-only mandates.

Catering primarily to young adults, Scarleteen's sex-positive educational model is guided by both "unschooling" and the Montessori method. Its online content and approach is strongly youth-driven while in alignment with current guidelines for comprehensive sexuality education for adolescents such as those suggested by SIECUS (US), UNESCO (International), the National Health Education Standards (US) and Sex and Relationships Education (UK).

As Scarleteen asserts, young adults today cannot rely on their schools alone for comprehensive, accurate sex education, nor can they solely rely on families. Hence the need for progressive sexuality education offered by resources such as Scarleteen, which can be paired with what schools and parents do have to offer.

Providing a wealth or resources, Scarleteen is worthy of our attention. Please consider supporting its work.


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