October 17, 2011

Hotel: A Sexy, Soulful Short from Feminist Sex Shop Smitten Kitten {featured video}

The Uptown-situated woman-run sex shop Smitten Kitten in Minneapolis has released this promotional short film, which highlights the slick and sexy feel of shopping at a progressive sex shop like theirs:

Hotel: A Smitten Kitten Short from Smitten Kitten on Vimeo.

Writes high-profiled sex-positive pundit Violet Blue about this "sexy, soulful short:"

New video Hotel: A Smitten Kitten Short is now in my top ten for sexy, indie short erotic films – it’s a really seductive little moment in time that arouses and teases and pulls it all off without any nudity (though it boasts lots of curves and a dash of kink). I don’t think I’ve ever seen a video quite this tasty made by a sex toy retailer, so kudos to fabulous Smitten Kitten for making a steamy short we won’t soon forget. The song is Rest Your Head Up by Sophia Eris, and I just downloaded it to add to my slow sex playlists…  
Smitten Kitten has also recently released a new line of "educational porn" available for free view streaming online.


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